Investment Options

Investing for life. Your life.

Whatever your goals are, it’s how you invest your assets that largely determines how soon you’ll reach them. Whether you’re looking to grow your money over time, generate income in retirement or preserve your wealth for future generations, confidence in your financial course comes with knowing your assets are invested well.

Canadian Pension Funds are turning to alternative and private investment strategies for stability and return. These strategies offer the benefit of differing return patterns compared to the public markets, generally holding their value in sell offs and turbulent time periods. They provide the ability to “smooth” out performance in times where the market is experiencing volatility while still providing an attractive return profile.

Compass Private Wealth specializes in providing high and ultra high net worth clients access to some of the leading alternative and private investment strategies in the world .Working together with our clients we specialize in the construction of individual “Pension style” portfolios allowing us to provide attractive risk adjusted returns.

As an independent Investment firm we are able to follow an unbiased approach to sourcing the opportunities that best meet the interest of our clients.